Legacy Video

Time waits for no one, until now. 

Honor the stories and experiences that shaped your life in a lasting memory where loved ones can see, hear and celebrate you. Preserve your family history, values and beliefs for many generations to come in a legacy video.

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1. Your Vision

Start by thinking of a vision for your legacy video! Is there something specific you’d like to focus on? Or, are you looking to share your whole story? We’ll look at this question and many more once you move onto the next step.

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3. Pick a Package

We’ll find the right package fit for you! Our legacy video products range from $1,150 for the standard 15-20 minute package (interview, scanned photos, music and editing) up to $3,800 for the deluxe 35-40 minute package including a 5-minute highlight film.

Why video?

Visual storytelling allows you to re-live all your special moments.  Nothing brings you back to that exact moment than re-experiencing the mood, sounds and emotion of your life’s most special moments with video. While photos preserve a split second, video captures every detail; your best friend’s toast at your weddingyour husband’s laugh in an anniversary videoyour grandmother’s smile in a legacy video.

Preserve the moment to illustrate all the highlights with visual storytelling. Remember your mom’s favorite dance? Or the way your grandfather talked? Video lets you re-create life’s most precious memories at this instant, forever.

Visual storytelling is the only way to pause, rewind and press play on the moments that must be remembered. Record your experiences in time to share with your present loved ones and future generations to come; they will thank you. Let’s capture memories that will last a lifetime, together.

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