NOT your parents’ wedding video!

This image shows a crowd of people celebrating at an event.

What’s the difference between a wedding video and a cinematic wedding film?  In the ‘old days’ of your parents’ video- if they even had one done professionally-  the video was shot on a camcorder with a fixed lens in standard definition, and ran for an hour or more;  it re-hashed their Big Day in chronological linear order.   Having these memories to re-live is precious- marriage and family are all about creating lasting memories, so I suppose these videos did that.  However, except for the couple, most people would rather do anything than watch someone’s  long wedding video!  Ever get trapped into watching a home movie of someone’s overseas trip to Italy or France for an hour or two?  Most of us would rather have a cavity drilled at the dentist!

A few years ago the ‘short-form’ cinematic wedding highlight was created.  How is this different?  To start, it utilizes the very cool HD and 4K DSLR, mirrorless and cinematic cameras that mimic the Hollywood film look- interchangeable lenses and big camera sensors that allow for bokeh- shallow depth of field where one part is in focus, and the background is blurred, just like a movie.  The cameras utilize different kinds of lenses from extreme wide views to telephoto, that ‘see’ the world differently than our eyes.  Stabilizing systems like monopods, sliders, glide cams, gimbals,  create amazing visual movement.  Best of all, these films involve STORYTELLING- what were the Bride and Groom feeling? How can the day be told to optimize the emotion of the Day?  The editor tells  the story-out-of order- to emotionally ‘hook’ the viewer in a 4-6 minute or 7-10 minute highlight reel using the best video, audio clips and music from the day.

Best of all, your wedding film is placed on a website available to be shared with the world.  A highlight I created from a February wedding at Squaw Valley had over 500 ‘hits’ the first week- friends and family who got to share in the wonder and excitement of the couples’ day! Obviously, that would not happen with your parent’s wedding video! The ‘new form’ of wedding films is something you will treasure.    Contact Distinctive Video to book your ‘memories to last a lifetime.’