Professional Wedding Cinematography – Memories to Last a Lifetime.

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Distinctive Video offers you several ways to capture your wedding day. We shoot in HD cinematic style, and we will post your highlights video on the web for all your friends and family to see. We are sure you will enjoy working with us – we personalize a package that is tailored to your wishes, and you will have your edited video after only a short wait. We look forward to talking wit you and creating some special memories.

Wedding Packages


$2,800- 6 HRS- One Cinematographer.  All of the important events will be creatively recorded and edited into a 5-7 minute highlights film.  Includes full ceremony with multiple cameras, toasts, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son. Excludes bride and groom prep. Capture the story of your day in our most affordable package.

CINEMATIC PACKAGE – Our most popular package.
$3,700 – 8 HRS – Two Cinematographers. An 8-10 minute wedding film will be creatively edited with highlights from each part of your day — includes bride and groom prep, ceremony and reception highlights to make an exciting, emotional video. Twice the raw footage of the first package and multiple camera angles throughout the day create a more emotional, engaging cinematic production. Delivered via the web so hundreds can see it. Includes full ceremony and toasts. Popular add-ons to this package: see Love Story Interviews and Short Feature Film options.   USB flash drive and internet.  


$4,500 – 10 HRS – Two Cinematographers.  Complete coverage of your day, and the final edit includes a longer 12-15 minute short feature film plus love story interviews. There is more raw footage to create an even more compelling story of Your Day!
USB flash drive and internet.

Wedding Video Add-Ons

Interviews schedules a few days before your wedding- I use only your words edited over creative wedding footage: the story of how you met and fell in love, what you love most about your special someone, anticipation about your wedding, and your dreams for the future. Captures this moment in time forever. – $500

Go ‘on location’ and create your engagement story from ‘I love you’ to the ‘I Do.’ –  a visual enhancement to your love story interview – $600
(Combined Interview and Video – $900)

Aerial coverage to give your film a totally unique view of your wedding. – $500

A full documentary video of everything (approx. 45min-1hr) so you do not miss a thing – added instead of full ceremony and toasts. – $500 

Upgrade from 8-10 minutes of your wedding film to a 12-15 minute highlight film. – $500 

Great family moments, jokes, captured for posterity.
Up to 3 hours – $500

1-2 minutes for Facebook or Instagram – $350 


We would love to get to know you more! Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation! Please fill out the form to ask any questions or schedule a time to talk. 

Why video?

Visual storytelling allows you to re-live all your special moments. Nothing brings you back to that exact moment than re-experiencing the mood, sounds and emotion of your life’s most special moments with video. While photos preserve a split second, video captures every detail; your best friend’s toast at your weddingyour husband’s laugh in an anniversary videoyour grandmother’s smile in a legacy video.

Preserve the moment to illustrate all the highlights with visual storytelling. Remember your mom’s favorite dance? Or the way your grandfather talked? Video lets you re-create life’s most precious memories at this instant, forever.

Visual storytelling is the only way to pause, rewind and press play on the moments that must be remembered. Record your experiences in time to share with your present loved ones and future generations to come; they will thank you. Let’s capture memories that will last a lifetime, together.